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Dallas Family Photographer-Preparing For Your Session!

Family Photographer in Dallas

A family photo session is so special to me. Life goes by so quickly and photos are a wonderful opportunity to capture your family as it is now and treasure those moment for a lifetime.

So, how should you plan for it?


When you're scheduling a family session you're most likely having to balance multiple peoples schedules. Don't wait until the last minute to try to rush to book something, take those Christmas card photos early and give yourself plenty of time to plan for the perfect outfit and accessories. Also, plan your session for a day when you don't have a million things to do (easier said than done, I know). It's important to allow yourself ample time to be able to get yourself and the kids ready, as well as not feel rushed to finish your session. We want those calm and happy faces to be genuine!

Family Photographer in Dallas

What To Wear

Deciding on what to wear can be a daunting decision. I always advise my clients to first decide where they would like to put their photos. If it's in your home, think about what color scheme your house is and dress to match! Do you like a neutral pallet, or maybe a little more bold?

It's always a great a idea to bring different layers and accessories too. This will giving you a variety of different looks to choose from when you're picking your favorite photos!

Some accessories to consider: Sweaters. Hats. Scarves. Jewelry.

Props to consider: A family heirloom. A blanket to sit on or wrap around you. A special sign or holiday décor.

Bring comfortable shoes! We might be doing a little bit of walking to find the perfect photo spot and you don't want to be uncomfortable or unable to get to the location. Also, bring a change of clothes for the kids. Just incase they immediately jump out of the car and into the dirt, it's always a great idea to have a backup outfit.

Family Photographer in Dallas

Things to Avoid:

  • Outfits with prints are patterns.

  • Shirts with writing or large logos on them.

  • Too many accessories.

  • Colors that will blend into the background (eg. wearing all green).

  • Outfits that don't fit properly or that are sheer.

Family Photographer in Dallas

What to Expect the Day of Your Photoshoot

The day of your photoshoot will be fun and all about what makes your family so loveable and unique!

By that day, you will have filled out a brief questionnaire, letting me know your expectations and requirements for your session. All that will be left is to bring your vision to life!

We will do a mixture of posed and candid photos, capturing those special moments of your family laughing, playing, and snuggling.

Family Photographer in Dallas

The best light is an hour before sunset, so plan for your session to be later in the day.

Your session will take roughly an hour, so it's always a good plan to bring snacks for the kiddos (and the hangry adults).

After your session concludes, within 2 weeks you will receive a link with all of your edited images for you to download and enjoy!

Click HERE to book your session!

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